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Welcome to the competition to find new ideas for constructing the Baltic Sea Region tourism study web portal. On this website you can discover what we are aiming for and which prizes will be awarded for the best ideas submitted.

The aim of the competition

The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Estonia in conjunction with SA Pärnumaa Tourism and Tartu University Pärnu College, are pleased to announce this competition to design a web-based game aimed at promoting tourism. The purpose of the tourism game is to introduce and present the Nordic and Baltic countries as a thrilling tourism region, showcasing its variety of wonderful possibilities and attractions. The winning entrant’s model will be promoted as a practical tool for both tourists and students in tourism studies from all over the world.

The design should be that of an interactive web game, thereby distinguishing itself from an ordinary tourism textbook or guide. It should be constructed in a way that is interesting for tourists to use/play while testing his or her knowledge of the region. The game has to be attractive and easy to use. The game has to promote and give information on potential tourism targets in the Nordic and Baltic countries while giving the user the chance to test their skills and knowledge on the region. This "interactivity" factor is important. One suggestion could be that The game is based on a geographical map of the region.

Competition guidelines

The draft idea entry for the web game must encompass the whole project idea, starting with the name of the game and the domain and finishing with listing the possible benefits for the users of the game. Including the visual concept of the website/game is considered a strong asset in your proposal.

Most important is to describe the construction of the design: how and where will everything be placed in the portal; which menus and submenus will be available; how will knowledge of geography and other issues concerning tourist targets of game participants be tested; what innovative and attractive solutions will be employed to raise the interest of the participants. We do not require detailed ITC-solutions or a concept on the IT-design of the portal.

The proposals of ideas are to satisfy the following criteria:
  • Testing and developing the participants’ knowledge of tourist destinations within and the geography of the Baltic Sea Region
  • The capacity for further development of the portal
  • User-driven solutions, with the Baltic Sea Region as the main target
  • The portal is to be accessed and used both in Estonian and English languages as a minimum
  • The entertainment factor of the game is a valued characteristic
  • Interests of both the tourism industry and individual tourists should be considered
  • The description must contain the name of the game/ website in Estonian and English

The organizers reserve the right to use and to make changes to the winning project proposal. The author of the winning proposal of the contest will be engaged to further develop the project. Participation in the competition is open to any individuals or organizations interested in the development of tourism in the Baltic Sea Region.

Any persons interested in applying to the competition are welcome to send their proposals in Estonian or English before 20th October 2008 by email

The initiators of the contest

Põhjamaade Ministrite Nõukogu esindus Eestis
SA Pärnumaa Turism
TÜ Pärnu Kolledž

The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Estonia together with SA Pärnumaa Tourism and Tartu University Pärnu College

More info

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The winning project proposal has the choice of one of two prizes:A trip to a city capital in the Baltic Sea region, chosen by the winner (max amount of 10 000 EEK) or 5000 EEK monetary reward. The remaining prize will be raffled off between the remaining participants in the competition, whose proposals meet the demands of the contest. Appropriate compensation for every participant.

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